Echelon Oval MRI scanner expands examination space by 40%

Description :
DigInfoTV presented the Echelon Oval, developed by Hitachi Medical, a 1.5 Tesla ultra wide bore MRI, with an oval shaped opening much wider than in conventional models.

Q: "The opening here is 74cm, which is extremely wide for an MRI device. But, we were still able to maintain a compact design, so the device is suited for use in a broad range of facilities from large hospitals to private practice clinics. "

By adopting an oval bore with a width of 74cm, Hitachi Medical successfully expanded the examination space by approximately 40% compared to conventional models. Until now, it was difficult to obtain images of the shoulders and other parts of the body that are in off-center regions with the magnetic field in the center. 

However, by expanding the examination space, Hitachi Medical made it possible to move the patient's body sideways on the table, and as a result, these typically off-center regions can be imaged at the center of the magnetic field where the highest quality images are obtained.

Q: "We're going to first expand the ECHELON OVAL MRI system in Japan and the US, but from there we want to expand into Europe, Asia and other markets around the world."

*by andreascy*