Intel Health IT Perspectives HIMSS Edition and An End to End Solution

Description :

In this special HIMSS 12 edition of the Intel Health IT Perspectives video newsmagazine, you'll discover the latest technologies and devices introduced at HIMSS.

 Those that drive Mobile point of care, support Big Data needs, Security, Electronic Medical Records and facilitate the move to Cloud Computing.

See Intel Fellow Eric Dishman on the trade show floor discussing his vision for a 4-phase model of health IT innovation that will transform medical services.

Learn what keeps some healthcare CIOs up at night. You might be surprised by what you hear. 

An End to End Solution for Healthcare IT :

Many questions were asked on the HIMSS12 tradeshow floor.

The common theme, according to Dr. Andrew Litt, Medical Director at Dell, was about how to put the separate pieces together in order to make a seamless health IT solution. 

 Dr. Litt, talked about the trends he heard during the show, which included an end to end solution for an EHR implementation that transforms a culture, improves workflow and boosts storage capability, cloud computing and moving data into a centralized format, and putting all the pieces together. 

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