Introducing PhotoBeamer app for iOS from Scalado

Description :

Scalado PhotoBeamer is a new innovative and easy way to show your photos on any screen. 

Just point your iPhone at any screen displaying and you'll be able to enjoy your photos anywhere with family and friends. 

It's a modern era slide projector available anytime, anywhere!

Press release :

Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications and services for the mobile industry, have today announced it will continue releasing innovative applications for download on App Stores. After the success of the newly released Scalado album on Google Play, Scalado release the Scalado PhotoBeamer for iOS.

Scalado PhotoBeamer is a new innovative approach for instant viewing of photos, by pointing the iPhone on any screen previewing the Photobeamer site, without any needs for pre-configurations or pre-registrations. It’s a simple to use photo viewer with a clean and smooth user interface, built on top of Scalado’s latest innovative technologies for maximum performance and user experience.

"End users will love this application and use it frequently with friends and families to make their photos available anytime, anywhere on any screen!”, says Fadi Abbas, CMO, General Manager APAC and Co-founder of Scalado, -"The user experience is unique and satisfying.”

This strategic move from Scalado was preceded by a successful release of the Scalado Camera Lover application for the Nokia Symbian devices on the OVI store, and the Scalado Album application for Android devices on the Google Play store.

"We're really excited to release our first app for iOS and let Apple users use our innovative technologies”, says Sami Niemi, CTO and Co-founder of Scalado, -"we are excited to get the users feedbacks on this.”

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