Deloitte Germany gains in agility with HP

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If your Business is like most, your IT infrastructure is too complex, too costly to operate, and simply too slow. To compound the problem is we all now live and work in a new era of extreme business speed resulting in heightened customer, partner, and employee expectations. More than ever, you need an infrastructure that can enable agile and rapid application and service delivery while driving out costs.

HP Converged Infrastructure solutions have been designed to do just that by making the data center simpler, more flexible, more efficient and less expensive to operate. Only then are you positioned to deliver any workload, anywhere, anytime to "accelerate time to application and business value". And do so across a hybrid IT delivery environment that includes a mix of traditional IT with private, managed, and public cloud deployments.

In other words, you can accelerate your IT - based on your unique requirements - to achieve better business results today while being ideally positioned for what's next :

Accelerate innovation - Shift IT spend away from operations and double resources focused on innovation to drive competitive advantage.

Accelerate responsiveness - Simplify IT through automation, cloud, and pre-packaged, workload-optimized systems.

Accelerate cloud - Establish the ideal foundation for cloud; become the 'service broker' and decide how and where to deliver IT services.

Accelerate security - Secure IT through security solutions that are quicker to install, update filters more often and block more than twice as many attacks.

Accelerate disaster recovery - Enhance disaster recovery, simplify multi-site failover and reduce downtime to seconds.

Accelerate ROI - Double utilization, leverage existing investments, reduce energy costs and triple data center capacity.

Learn more from Dr. Dietmar Schlosser, CIO of Deloitte Germany, how HP Converged Infrastructure and expertise has made Deloitte Business more agile, allowing it to play to its strengths and better serve its clients.

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