Scientists Turn Quadcopters Into Flying Power Stations

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Computer scientists Brent Griffin and Carrick Detweiler of the Nebraska-Lincoln University developed a new use for quadcopters by turning them into a portable power source. They created a prototype that uses a process called coupled magnetic resonance to transfer energy between two coils - one on the copter, and the other on whatever it is that needs charging.

The goal of the system is by using the quadcopter like a wireless extension cord to deliver power to devices in locations that might not be possible otherwise. The point is to provide sensors in remote locations with electricity (recharge sensors in remote) or hard to reach locations that are unable to charge using traditional approaches (for instance a sensor mounted under a bridge where solar panels are impractical).


"As a carrier the scientists use a Hummingbird quadrotor helicopter made by Ascending Technologies. They added equipment weighing a total of 127 grams (4.5 oz). With this payload the flight time is between 15 to 20 minutes and the maximum speed 50km/h (31mph)."

Its ironic that the quadcopter charges a station on the ground, yet receives its own power from a different ground station. I’m assuming the reverse could be done. Have the quadcopter hover over a spot for a little while and recharge. Maybe a bunch evenly spaced along a highway. You see where I’m going with this...

Or even better, embed a load of charging points into the world’s roads, and have electric cars recharge themselves as they drive along. Or do the reverse at night to power street lights, cats’ eyes, etc. Or both.

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