ASUS Computex 2012 - Endless Possibilities : Does one plus one always equal two?

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With a few days to go until Computex 2012 kicks off, Asus has decided to put up a few short teaser videos that include various hints at certain features that upcoming Asus devices could offer. 

But more importantly, some of these videos suggest that the Android device maker may announce a dual-booting Android - Windows 8 Device next week. 

Speculations of course have run wild! Another speculation has been that this could be a new all-in-one Computer from Asus that would run on both operating systems.

The first video below is entitled “The Incredible Transformations” and teases a tablet that will come with a keyboard, will pack certain cloud-related powers and that will be unveiled in Taiwan. That “Transformation” part of the title suggests that we could be looking at the next-gen Transformer model teased in the video.

By itself, the 43-second teaser video is not that exciting, since we already knew Asus can produce some interesting Android tablets. But Asus released two more teaser videos, shorter than the first one, to make sure tablet fans are paying attention.

The second teaser, entitled “All-in-One is No Longer In One” is a 16-second spot that clearly shows two distinct logos in water drops – see the images above. We’re looking at the Windows 8 and Android logos, each one present in its own drop of water. That clearly suggests that at least one of Asus future tablets will be able to run Android and Windows 8, a combination that plenty of tablet users would enjoy.

The third teaser, called “When Two Sides Unite”, a 17-second clip, also indicates that an upcoming Asus tablet will pack two “sides” that will be available on the same device. We’re obviously looking at Android and Windows 8, as no other mobile OS combination would make sense. The words “Tai” and “Chi” are present on either side of that piece of paper. Together, “Tai Chi” stands for an Asian martial arts style.

Whatever the case we are now hooked and we want to see what Asus is cooking.

Enjoy the videos!

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