Hyperspectral Imaging at Imec

Description :

Imec is working on a hyperspectral imaging module that enables fast, compact, and low-cost hyperspectral imaging. 

The target applications are machine vision, security, and medical devices. A hyperspectral camera forms a spectral fingerprint of objects. It does so by capturing light in many small wavelength bands.

Such a spectral fingerprint contains detailed information about the object, e.g. about the materials contained in it, or about its state. 

Hyperspectral cameras were first used in geology studies, e.g. to detect oil deposits. 

Today's setups for hyperspectral analysis are bulky, complex, and expensive machines for use in laboratories. But many "in the field" applications would profit from a lightweight, compact and robust camera. 

Think of cameras to inspect crops, or machines to sort food. And a microsized camera would enable a whole new class of applications. Imagine, for example, that you would have a small pen to check your skin for melanoma. 

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