3 Programs To Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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Keeping kids safe when online has become increasingly crucial, with threats ranging from viruses through to cyber bullying, as well as more traditional problems with unsuitable websites and entertainment content. 

3 Programs To Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

When looking to increase safety and monitoring of children’s activity, parents should consider some programs that can be downloaded and installed onto laptops and PCs, as well as standalone hardware. These programs and devices can filter and increase your ability to check what they are looking at. Some of the best programs currently available include AVG Family Safety, McAfee Family Protection, and the iBoss Home Parental Control Router and Firewall. 

1 - AVG Family Safety :

This program acts as an extension of AVG’s safety and antivirus features. The program is set up to connect together the same security features for different devices, and can also be used for mobile phones and tablets. The program works to filter out inappropriate sites based on categories, and can monitor keystrokes and keywords on chat rooms. Emails are generated reporting parents about their children’s Internet history and actions.

Different settings can be established for children’s ages, with the extent of filtering and monitoring varying. Remote access from work can also mean that you can monitor the length of time spent online. With multiple configuration settings, and the ability to screen out videos, free online games for kids, and malware linked to specific sites, McAfee represents one of the most cost effective solutions to child safety at around $30.

2 - McAfee Family Protection :

The McAfee Family Protection suite is similar in scope to AVG, but is slightly more expensive at $45. The program works with an existing McAfee Internet Security and Total Protection package, and works to shield children from inappropriate content. 35 categories of websites can be listed for blocking, while the program can block keywords and certain searches from Google and YouTube.

McAfee also records social networking conversations, and can check which applications are launched. Emails can similarly be blocked if blacklisted, and settings can be established to block out HTTPS secure sites. Some games can be set up to not run online in multiplayer mode. The level of security you use for your computer is variable, and is particularly recommended for filtering out and monitoring the Internet usage of younger children.

3 - iBoss Home Parental Control Router/Firewall :

This child safety program actually works through a physical router that replaces your existing device. The router works to filter out the Internet content from different devices on a network, but has a similar capacity to software in terms of filtering. Instant messages can be blocked, file sharing and downloaded limited, websites blacklisted for keywords, and encryption put in place that prevents unauthorized access to a network. Filters can be installed for different devices and users, and can be extended for up to 15 individual computers and users. iBoss’s network based model is also enhanced by its ability to generate detailed reports on Internet activity, and very specific keyword and blacklisting features. Moreover, an Internet Sleep mode can be activated to maintain a daily limit for Internet usage.

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Keeping your kids safe online is a difficult task, but by ensuring they stay on pre-approved websites you can rest easy knowing they'll have a fun and safe time online.

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