All the World's Gold

Description : 

With more and more people becoming interested in gold as an object worthy of their investment, we are seeing an increase in businesses that buy gold from ordinary consumers who are seeking to cash in on jewelry and other family heirlooms. This gold is melted down for investors to purchase in the form of gold bars. Some of the gold is reformed into new pieces of beautiful jewelry.

The shiny metal has also attracted a new generation of gold prospectors. Ordinary citizens who haven’t spent much time in the wilderness or beginning to ask themselves what it would be like to pan for their own gold. They are purchasing equipment and trying to recapture the excitement of the gold rush era, when all you needed to do was work hard, be patient, and have a little luck.

To pan for gold, a prospector holds a pan underwater in a promising stream and shakes it around from right to left. By swirling the water around, the heavier gold sinks to the bottom of the pan, while the rest of the debris flows away.

All The World's Gold

*by andreascy*