Inventors : The People Behind the Way We Live

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There are certain items we use every day, including our refrigerators, cell phones and light switches that we don’t really consider the history behind. A tremendous amount of work has gone into our most valued inventions.

Most of us board an airplane without a thought into the history behind it. We don’t usually consider the first sustained flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903 or Lindbergh’s first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight in 1927 but we have been flying in commercial jets since the 1940s.

Despite the fact that electricity was not fully explored until the 1800s, William Gilbert explored effects of related materials as early as 1570. It was nearly 200 years later that Benjamin Franklin completed his famous kite experiments. Every time we flush a toilet or turn on the faucet we use indoor plumbing, which established roots in the 1590s with the invention of the first flush toilet.

The People Behind The Way We Live

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