Why Every College Student Should Have a Notebook Computer

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Notebook computers have become the must-have tool for college students. It's a tool that gives the student a competitive edge in college life. It makes academic success a much easier goal to attain because it helps you, as a student, with tasks, organization and assignments. 

Why Every College Student Should Have a Notebook Computer

In many colleges, notebooks are a required item. Instructors use them to have students review material, download files and some will communicate only via email. Notebook prices have come down considerably, so affordability should not be an issue for most students.

Whether you're a parent or a student, here are some reasons to consider why every college student should own a notebook:

1. It's small

That makes it lightweight, easy to carry and fits well in a backpack or under your arm.

2. It's powerful

Notebooks have caught up to desktops in processing speed, hard drive size and performance. 

3. It's tough

Notebooks are made to be carried around all the time. They are made tough and able to take a few hard knocks because they are made to be toted around constantly.

4. It's wireless

Hotspots to connect to the Internet wirelessly are all over college campuses and surrounding areas. It will be easy to connect to the Internet on the go. The Internet is a valuable research tool for college, and being that it can be accessed anywhere, research and studying can be done anywhere. Use USB ports for additional storage for expandability for files and programs.

5. It's inexpensive

Notebook computers are reasonably priced. If you are on a tight budget, look into refurbished models. They are sometimes older models, but function just as well.

6. It's a student aid

Notebooks allow you to run software associated with textbooks, or which your instructor may require you to access. You will have access to college email and the college's network and remote-access services that your classes rely on. No more lab time just to access a computer, you can work in your dorm room or at home. You can install software of your choice that you find easy to use, to do such tasks as word processing and spreadsheet development, for example.

7. It's central

Your notebook is a central location to keep all your files, homework, notes, correspondence, research, calendar, and can also be used as a communication tool with family and friends. A program like Skype, paired with a web cam and mic, will be a great way to stay in touch with the folks and friends back home. 

Check with your school's IT web site for specific policies and requirements they may have, so you can make the most compatible choice.

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