Chrome Apps and Extensions - What's The Difference?

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Google offers a huge range of different services and products, some that we can’t live without and others we don’t bother using. The Chrome browser is one most people rave about. 

While Chrome itself is very streamlined in terms of its interface, the Chrome Web Store allows you to find various additions so you can customize your Google Chrome experience. 

Chrome Apps and Extensions - What's The Difference?

When you head over to the Chrome Web store you will notice some of the listings are for apps and some are for extensions. Maybe you’re one of those people who are looking for fun tools to use during breaks from working at your computer tables. Or you might have the programming skills that could mean you are planning to make a Chrome app or extension.

In either case, you could benefit from understanding the difference between these two installable items.

Chrome Apps :

The easiest way to think of an app is as a combination between a standalone website and a normal computer program that you run from your desktop. Like a website, they run in your browser, but like a normal program they need to be installed.

They have their own user interface and offer an easy interaction. Apps are often used by those who want to develop things like games and video editing tools.

Chrome Extensions :

Chrome extensions have been around for some time and generally customize your normal use of Chrome, rather than acting as a standalone application.

For example, a common way extensions are presented are as a new button in the browser, say one that lets you replace all the nouns on the page with the word banana. You can often set an extension to run all the time on all websites you visit or just enable it on specific pages as you visit them.

Packaged Apps :

Packaged apps appear in the exact same way as normal apps, but they allow you to use much of the functionality of extensions. They can often be a good compromise for those developers who want to build an extension but think the kind of user interface experience that an app can offer might be necessary or appealing to their users.

However, many people prefer the simplicity of an extension, so think carefully before you decide to go with a packed app.

Similarities for Users :

Both apps and extensions can be found in the Chrome Web Store. In addition, they are both installed the same way - you just click a link to download. Also both apps and extensions require the download of a crx file which must then be installed. Users will also be asked if they agree to grant whatever permissions are necessary.

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