5 Popular Entry Level Medical Jobs

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Even in the current economic downturn, occupations and careers in the medical field offer the most stable positions in the job market. 


If you plan on continuing your education in a healthcare related career, or if you’d like a solid job with a future, it is possible to gain experience and obtain growth in the medical field. Entry level positions are in high demand and available in hospitals, physicians offices and patient-centered clinics.

Massage Therapists and the Entrepreneur Spirit

Growing in popularity by the medical community, massage therapists work in hospitals, chiropractor offices and health spas. Massage is an integral part of palliative care that helps cancer patients heal, relieves anxiety and reduces tension, and improves the body’s ability to resist disease. Massage therapists are employed in an array of settings, such as: an agency, health spa, or a physician’s office. An occupation in massage therapy may be a lucrative career that can advance in specialties with certifications or experience.

Medical Assistants are in High Demand

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for medical assistants is projected as almost 200,000 job vacancies in 2010-2020. The average national salary is almost $14 dollars an hour. Medical assistants are important additions to managing patient care at physician’s offices, hospitals and out-patient clinics. As an essential part of the healthcare team, medical assistants take vital signs, provide documentation, take patient histories, collect laboratory data and administer injections under the supervision of a physician.

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

If you plan to become a nurse, physical or occupational therapist, or physician’s assistant, begin by getting the required healthcare experience as a certified nursing assist, orderly or attendant. As an assistant, you will gain hands on experience in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home healthcare settings that will provide you with a salary as well. Nursing assistants work under the supervision of nurses, and are the one of the fastest growing occupations in healthcare. Over 300,000 nursing assistants are needed to fill positions through 2020.

Mental Health Technician

Sometimes referred to as a psychiatric assistant or aid, the mental health technician may be prepared through on-the-job-training by a mental health facility. The state requirements vary with vocational schools and certificates offered in the community educational system. Mental health technicians work under the supervision of nurses and psychiatrists to ensure the safety of children and adults in their care. An important responsibility for technicians is supervision of the patient population in daily routines, assure hygiene, and monitor meals. As an important part of the team, technicians are patient advocates that document behavior and report changes to nurses and doctors.

Phlebotomists in Hospitals and Agencies

If you are searching for an entry level position that has wide flexibility and provides hands on experience, consider an occupation as a phlebotomist. Positions range from doctor’s offices, hospitals, out-patient centers or skill nursing facilities. If you’d rather be mobile, agencies can send you to different settings according to your schedule. Drawing blood from patients requires a calm demeanor and a good technique. Some facilities train students in a practicum that lasts several weeks, and some require a 60 hour certificate from an occupational school.

Healthcare is in Demand

Positions in the healthcare setting provide many opportunities and a stable income. Whether you need experience for school, or a job with a good income, the fastest growing career trends are in the medical field.

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