Today's Most Profitable Media Companies

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If you've been around the Internet a time or two, you'd imagine that traditional media - think magazines, newspapers and cable news - have suffered from the advent of the World Wide Web. However, you'd be just as surprised as we were to learn how many of those traditional media companies are still raking in billions of dollars worth of profit for year. Take a look at this top-ten list to see what we mean.

As expected, those companies are the bottom of the list produce newspapers. While Gannett may have been higher on this list in previous years, the company still racks in over $1 billion in its number nine spot. Further up the list we see CBS, which creates news programs that remain profitable and has some of the most-loved television shows around.

TimeWarner and Comcast cable snag the third and second-high spots, respectively. The companies both have cable, Internet and phone services. Can you guess the most-profitable media company this year?

10 Biggest Media Companies

Source: Best Communications Degrees

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