HTC Droid DNA vs LG Optimus G - Smartphone Comparisons

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These are two of the most powerful smartphones on the market. 

HTC Droid DNA vs LG Optimus G - Smartphone Comparisons

The Droid DNA is the first in the world to have a 5 inch display and Full HD. The LG Optimus G is amongst the forerunners to have a quad-core processor.


Both phones use the Android operating system. Although the LG runs on Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich, whilst the HTC runs on Android 4.11 Jelly Bean. Both also have very similar specifications. The main spec difference is the 5 inch display of the HTD Droid DNA.

The smartphone market has been dominated to a greater or lesser degree by the Apple iPhone series over the last few years. Apple have sold 45 million in the fourth quarter of 2012 it seems. However Apple is no longer the innovator in this market that it was in 2007 when the company brought out the first iPhone.

With the market ever more competitive, and other manufacturers trying to keep up with Apple, and major new players Google and Microsoft, innovation inside and out is becoming the order of the day. The iPhone it seems is the one to beat.

The HTC Droid DNA in my opinion has done an amazing job. The HTC One X is comparable to the iPhone. The DROID DNA bombs it out of the water. The only negative for me is that the buttons could be more responsive, more pronounced, and better placed.

LG Optimus G

LG has recently been chosen by Google as partner of choice for their Nexus 4 model. The year of innovation and partnership created a great phone.

HTC Droid DNA vs LG Optimus G - Smartphone Comparisons

LG has come on leaps and bounds since their early days, and even in the last 12 months or so. They are getting more advocates in the expert forums stating that they are a real contender to take the market by storm. Their brand is quite innovative, they have a reputation for quality in their other products, and they have the power to reach the market. Their Bluetooth is excellent. Their rear camera is better than the Droid DNA (although the Droid’s front camera is higher spec at 2.1 mp vs 1.3 mp).

Droid DNA

This battle is very close on specs and it is really down to personal preference which you like. In a market that is fierce it is also down to which brand you want to support. After all there is only room for a certain number of those competing at the moment and some will fail. The Blackberry decline is a point in case.

HTC Droid DNA vs LG Optimus G - Smartphone Comparisons

For me it is the Droid DNA. I simply love the phone. It is a great streaming and picture experience and is super-stylish as well. The LG is a real contender and I look forward to their future releases and collaborations with the might that is Google.

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I know this comparison is close. What does everyone else think? Who won this battle in your experience of the phones?

*by andreascy*