The Ultimate Electricity & Money Saving Technology - Electromagnetic Motor

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The tsunami of new "green" energy technologies has come ashore and so have the scams. People all over the world are struggling with the high costs of energy and are looking for new methods for solutions. The well informed and diligent homeowner can find many ways to slash their utility bills by improving efficiency of existing systems.

The Ultimate Electricity & Money Saving Technology - Electromagnetic Motor

All too often, the contractor has been nothing more than a con - artist. One such technology packed with incredible promises and unheard of savings, is the Electromagnet Motor. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

From the replacement of old boilers and furnaces, to the addition of solar voltaic panels and solar hot water units, there are many options when it comes to improving your home performance, prioritizing your utility bills to achieve the highest savings while spending the least is crucial in choosing a home project.

The primary areas of consideration when looking to lower your utilities are:

- Insulation is probably the most overlooked aspect in construction today. Outdated technologies remain the norm in many locations where new innovative products struggle to market their product against the might of the fiberglass industry.

- Often times they will do a free detailed analysis to determine if your home is suffering from a poorly sealed building envelope. Money spent here will have the greatest payoff.

- Heating/cooling Replacing an aging furnace or air conditioner will NOT save you money if insulation hasn’t been optimized. That said, the newer boilers, air conditioners and forced air furnaces run more efficiently than older units. 

- It may be time to look for new technologies for savings. Solar hot water panels use evacuated solar collectors to charge glycol/water mix up to 180 degrees F in the winter. This water can be circulated to use in many types of boiler fed heating systems including radiant floor and baseboard heat.

- If your location and climate permit, landscaping trees for shade in the summer or using wood burning stoves can offset costs some. Lighting this can be as simple as turning them off. It is estimated that over a quarter of home electrical use is due to leaving lights on when not needed.

- If you can’t bear to turn out the lights, buy some new super efficient LED lights or compact fluorescents. These can save huge amounts over the course of a year, but the initial cost can be substantially more than incandescent bulbs. Even with the large investment, the savings of an LED will pay for them over and over as many last over 10,000 hours! So it would be reasonable to assume that to reduce our energy bills one could simply purchase solar panels or a wind turbine to capture the free energy all around us.

- This is a good assumption and with a large savings pay off this can be a good investment. Once again, if the above listed remedies aren’t in order, it will not save much if anything as it can take up to 20 years to pay off. Recently new advances in solar panel efficiency have put them back into the spotlight for viable alternative energy sources. The troubling new trend is the emergence of fly by night scam artists looking to sell unbelievable technology.

- There are many scams out there, but the one receiving the spotlight today is the electric magnet motor. It is claimed that by using rare earth magnets or electromagnets it is possible to make an infinite supply of energy for the home.

- Supposedly the magnets would begin to spin spontaneously and without any outside input, increase the velocity at which the motor spins. This is simply impossible. It violates the basic laws of physics and principles that govern the real world.

- Newton and Leibniz would be rolling in their graves to see some of the claims made on the internet. The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed in an isolated system. Energy can only change state. 

Theoretically, the magnetic motor could work if it gave up mass to the surroundings, but eventually the motor would dwindle down to nothing and would no longer power anything. New technologies are emerging every year to enhance our lives at lower costs. There are many well founded and proven methods that can be used. “Free energy” machines are far from actual cutting edge products and the sellers prey on the desperation of struggling consumers.

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