Create the Future with SunSaluter and Galaxy Note 10.1

Description : 

The SunSaluter is a technology that enables the automatic rotation of solar panels to follow the sun throughout the day (just like a sunflower) to increase their energy generation - without using any electricity to do so. 

The technology was created by Eden Full and is being developed by her company Roseicollis Technologies.

It has been deployed in two pilot projects in Kenya. Fascinated by biomimicry, Eden Full aims to power a whole village on SunSaluters in Peru and southern India -- by 2013.

The SunSaluter won the Mashable/UN Foundation Startups for Social Good Challenge and was awarded the runner-up prize at the 2011 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.

"Good technology is something that is simple, something that anyone whether you are 5 years old, a university professor or a farmer in Tanzania, you'd be able to look at it and get it."

Currently in active development, the Roseicollis Technologies website claims that the SunSaluter is :

  • Cheaper: It is constructed from locally-sourced and recyclable materials rather than electronic components.
  • Simpler: Almost anyone can assemble and maintain it because of its intuitive design.
  • Flexible: It can be installed underneath any existing solar panel with a few minor adjustments.

Watch on the video below how the Galaxy Note 10.1 plays a part in creating the future with Eden from SunSaluter.

In order to preserve our planet and encourage societies to adopt renewable energy resources, we need to lower the cost of solar energy so it is more affordable for individual families and their homes and villages. The SunSaluter is a contribution to tackling energy infrastructure growth and climate change.

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