Top Educational Apps For All Ages

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Apps are taking over the world. Angry Birds. Words with Friends. Instagram. Each member of your family has their own favorite app. But what about your little ones and your teens in high school? Are you monitoring just exactly what they are doing on your iPad or iPhone

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

Instead of letting them have their run of your smartphone or tablet, download some of these educational apps to keep their brains active. If they have their own wireless device, sneak some of these apps on there or encourage them to download a few. 

How Rocket Learned To Read 

This app is great for children who are just starting out with English and Language Arts skills. 

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

It teaches them the fundamentals to reading and writing, all in a fun and interactive way! 

Wolfram Algrebra Course Assistant

This app is perfect for your teen who has just started his or her first hard algebra course. Let's face it, no teenager loves algebra unless they are extremely good at it. 

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

Your child will actually understand the course with this app that gives them step by step instructions on how to solve algebraic equations. Your child's algebra grades will improve in no time with this handy app. 

Monster Anatomy

If your kiddo wants to be a doctor someday, then this app is perfect for him or her. 

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

Explore bones and muscles in your lower-limbs with this hands on app. It's fascinating and educational at the same time. 

AP History 5 Steps to a 5

If your high school student is having a hard time remembering important historical dates or just doesn't like studying (as most students don't), then you should download AP History 5 Steps to a 5. 

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

It has an amazing study plan complete with flash cards and study tips to ensure that your child passes his or her AP history exam. Even if your kid isn't in AP history, it will help him or her develop excellent study habits for future history exams. 

Intro to Letters, by Montessorium 

This app allows your tiny toddlers to trace letters right on your tablet. They can hear how the word is said while learning how to write it. 

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

It's great for tiny fingers and their motor skills development. 


Inkpad is a great way for your child to express his or her inner artist. 

Top Educational Apps For All Ages

Draw anything you want with the help from this artistic app. 

There are tons of other great apps that Apple has to offer. Check some of the others out here and download some today! Let us know if you liked this post in the comments below. Feel free to share it with your friends.

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