Meet LiveBird: A Beautiful New Look & Concept for Twitter

Description : 

Hello fellow Twitter user. Twitter's current design isn't bad and the essential structure hasn’t really radically altered over the years. Sure it can be slow and can sometimes not work at all, but when it does work it works very well. It was meant to be kept minimal and clean so that users can easily browse the site. 

Everyone has an idea of what it should look like. Some people take it even further and actually mock up some concepts. Our friend Wilfried Andral came up with LiveBird (Twitter Modern UI), a redesigned concept for the social media giant which blows it out of the water. His own vision of what Twitter should look like. 

In order to provide a more engaging experience, he redesigned a lot of the main pages you would see when you browse the site, including the login screen, profile page and others. He also featured our profile and we want to thank him for this! So what are we waiting for? Let's check it out.. 

1. Welcome to Twitter

2. Loading Account

3. Profile - Main Menu

4. Profile - Tweets & Account Menu

5. Follower's Profile & Tweets

6. Connect - Interactions

7. Discover Tweets

8. Search Results

9. Settings - Profile

10. Home

11. Settings - Theme

12. Profile Tweets

13. Profile Following

14. Profile Followers

15. Favorites

16. Lists

17. Recent Pictures

18. Status View

19. Profile - Pictures View

The concept looks nice and organized. Kind of Windows 8. I like it a lot! Very clean and focused content, i think it's the best i've seen so far. It makes actually the current design look outdated. 

Wilfried says he'd be open to discussing the matter if Twitter wanted to use his design, but that might never happen, so on Adair Corp. we got inspired and thought we could make this dream come to life. So here we are, announcing the development of LiveBird. The Tweeting must go on folks! 

The full concept theme is available on Wilfried's personal Blog, DeviantART and Behance accounts and also on our official minus gallery and deviantART page. If you liked this topic you know what to do. Don't forget to share it and support us to develop it. Sharing is caring! If you want to stay updated for even more then subscribe on our feeds. Have a nice day everybody! 

*by andreascy*