5 Reasons Why TV Cable is not a thing of the past yet

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We have lived through the space age so why does everyone still want to be bothered with cables and digging holes in the ground. 


Surely now should be the time to embrace the airwaves and send our television down to us from above the clouds. Well actually it isn’t and here’s why:

1. Okay, this is the obvious one. Guess what you live in a flat and you can’t get a satellite dish to receive a signal. So what else can you do? If you want to watch the Simpsons and CSi Miami then you are going to have to go down the cable route, there is no other option available to you. But at least after you have climbed all of those stairs to get to your apartment you can relax and watch a rerun of a 30 year old dubbed comedy.

2. You don’t want to sign up to thousand of channels in advance for a contract period of 12 months, you like some choice about how and when you view your television. With cable you can buy cards for the box that add channels as and when you need them. If, after a month or so, you decide that you are not watching all of the channels on that package you can get a different card to suit your needs better. This means that you can add and remove channels almost when you like.

3. You live someplace where it rains from time to time. Satellite television has a nasty habit of freezing when there is a bit of weather around and this is usually just as the last ten minutes of the footy are coming to your set. The scores are tied and your team seems to be having the better of the play. The problem is that you can only get a handle on what is happening by calling a friend, who has cable.

4. You want to watch the European Song Contest, but everybody else has better taste. With satellite television watching different channels on different television sets around the home is pretty difficult and can work out expensive. With cable you just need a television with a built in receiver or an extra box. Then you plug in the cable and you are away. It’s that simple, no more arguing over what is watched when.

5. Did we mention that you live in a flat that can’t have a satellite dish connected and that you like to watch different channels on different televisions around the home? Then you have weather from time to time and you change your mind a lot over what package you like. Well number 5 has to be that you don’t like space or any companies that would deal with it because 4 reasons should be enough.

So cable television is still a valuable asset and you can even tie in your broadband with the supplier, that’ll be 5 reasons then.

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*by andreascy*