Best Travel Essential Apps For Android Phone Users

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Travel can be stressful due to delay in flights, confusions in room bookings, and language issues. Such problems can turn your cheerful trip into a big headache. Fortunately, there are many apps for Android that can help you resolve your travel related problems. You can equip your Android phones before the big trip, and make each turn of your travel less nerve-wrecking.

Best Travel Essential Apps For Android Phone Users

With numerous travel apps being introduced in the market, it is confusing to choose the ones that are really useful. Even though they are available for free, you don’t want to waste your time by simply downloading them and checking if they really meet your travel needs.

Here are some dedicated and complimentary travel apps for your Android: 

1. Google Goggles 

This app is a visual search app that suits a travel junkie. It can identify objects and places without any kind of manual typing and search process. Just download Google Goggles and point your cell phone camera at the object. It can read famous landmarks, painting, QR-code or barcode, popular image, or a product. If the object is in Google’s database then you will be presented with useful information. Foreign language text can be translated, business cards and text can be scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 

2. Weather Bug

This app allows you to get weather information from the largest network of specialized weather stations in thousands of location spread all around the world. It brings you the most reliable, accurate, and timely weather report directly on your Android phone. The reports are complete with severe weather alerts, Doppler radar, forecasts, and maps.
3. TripIt Travel Organizer

It organizes all your tour plans directly on your smartphone. Just forward your travel confirmation details to Every traveller adores this app.
4. Free WiFi Finder

With this app you can stay connected without getting accumulated by the demanding roaming charges. It has the ability to locate the area that has free internet Wi-Fi in your vicinity. It also helps to locate the latest hotspot places at your current location.
5. Google Translate

You can easily avoid language barriers and communicate with ease with the best interpreting app out there. It features over 60 languages and out of that 17 languages can be translated by speaking the text instead of typing it.
6. Kayak

With this app you have a full itinerary in your palms. It includes flight, car, and hotel search. You can compare the hotel, flight, and car charges. Monitor your flight status and access airport information and airline numbers. You can even book hotel accommodation right from the application.
7. Hotel Tonight App

You missed to book a hotel or it is late in the night and you need an eleventh hour hotel deal then this free hotel tonight app is your best bet. You can locate discounted hotels around your location for the night with bookings open till 2 am. Several hotels allow their guests to stay for more nights at the less-rate.
8. XE Currency

This app converts more than 180 currencies. It is up to minute converter with current currency updated rates. Its rates are trustworthy and millions of people use it all over the globe.


People prefer going out on a vacation with their family to get refreshed from the busy schedule. Packing and planning the tour is vital, but having travel apps for your smartphone is also equally necessary.

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