Google Now Desktop Wallpapers Collection 1

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Some people reading this will already be intimately familiar with Google Now - the intelligent personal assistant developed by Google that is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Google Now recognizes repeated actions that a user performs on the device (common locations, repeated calendar appointments, search queries, etc.) to display more relevant information to the user in the form of "cards". The system leverages Google's Knowledge Graph project, a system used to assemble more detailed search results by analyzing their meaning and connections.

If you like Google Now and you want more of it on your desktop our friend and partner on Adair Corp. Brebenel Silviu, has put together four gorgeous Google Now-styled wallpapers. It's the first pack that contains Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night versions special for you and your 1920x1080px display!

Time to decorate your screen folks! Grab them by hitting the download link below.

Collection 1 :

Stay tuned for the next packs!

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