The Parents' Guide To Buying Video Games

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Buying a new video game is one of the joys of being a gamer. For parents, walking into game stores is a terrifying and frustrating experience. And it’s even worse in an online game shop where you can’t just look at the shelves and pray you find something suitable. Never fear, there are plenty of cheap Xbox games around in game sales and other special online offers.

The Parents' Guide To Buying Video Games

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Before you go blundering around in the vain hope you’ll find something, here are some tips for buying games for your offspring.


Some game stores have this wonderful little tool where you can buy vouchers instead of games. Just take the vouchers home and give them to your kids. It puts the responsibility of buying their games firmly on their shoulders. It’s perfect if you don’t mind not giving them something to unwrap.

Vouchers don’t work as well in an online game shop, though, so you’ll have to think of something else for them.

Look at the Collection

Perform some reconnaissance work on your gamer. When they’re happily ploughing through enemies on the PC, see what games they’re playing. Look at what they’re playing regularly. Now you have a starting point to begin research.

Type the name of the game into Google and see if there are any upcoming sequels of this game. It’s easy to buy them the upcoming release because they already like the other installments so it’s likely they’ll enjoy this one just as much.

If you’re feeling brave, you can also buy a similar game. If they enjoy Call of Duty, they might enjoy playing Battlefield, and vice-versa.

Ask Them

Sometimes, it’s easier just to ask them. Ignore your impulses to only buy cheap Xbox games and just talk to your gamer. They’ll tell you exactly what you want. It doesn’t need to be a surprise. Young people are smart. If they know their parents know they’re always on a certain game and there’s a new release they’ll probably end up unwrapping it on Christmas morning.

With this in mind, get them to give you a list of games they’re looking to try. Use this list and make your own decision on what seems the most suitable.

Age Rating System

The age rating system for games is similar to the one used for films. Don’t stick to it rigidly. The chances are they’ve already played a game which is supposedly too old for them. Take it into account and use the Internet to investigate the content for yourself. Only you can determine what’s suitable.

Children have different levels of maturity. Dealing with guns and killing might be unsuitable for some, whereas other children are more mature than their years. Compare the content with your values and perceptions.

Just use the age rating as a general marker for your buying decisions.

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When the game sales come around, you can buy with confidence. You never know, you might also find yourself playing some of the hottest titles! :)

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