Top Tech Money Savers for Your Business

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Running a business is expensive. That’s just the name of the game. Them's the breaks, as they say. You need to pay your employees. You need to pay your taxes. You need supplies and for your utilities to stay on. All of those things cost money. 

Top Tech Money Savers for Your Business

There is no rule, however, that says you have to pay full price for everything all the time. Here are some of the best ways you can save money on technology for your business and use technology to save your business money:

1. Print Smart

If you’re paying full price for your toner and ordering it directly from the printer manufacturer, stop it! That’s like taking your car to the dealership for an inspection. There are much better ways to get your toner needs taken care of, and this includes your toner cartridge, premium LaserJet options or repairs for your copy machine. Why pay full price and then some if you don’t have to?

2. Go Solar

Solar chargers are going to be the best thing that happened to your office and your business utility bill. Solar chargers (especially if you get the “expanded editions” AKA, bigger cells that can store more power) make it possible to charge everything from cell phones and PDAs to laptop computers without ever having to plug those things in to an A/C outlet. This cuts down on the amount of energy your company uses (which reduces your electric bill). 

They’re also portable so they can help your employees keep their devices charged no matter where they are. Plus, going green is good karma, and what business couldn't use good karma!

3. Tablets Rule, Desktops Drool

Switch to tablet computers instead of forcing your employees to use desktops. Microsoft has great deals for small business owners who want to furnish their employees with tablets (Apple has similar deals if the iPad is more your company’s style). A few years ago switching to tablets was a pipe dream. Now, though, thanks to accessories like keyboards, styluses, etc you can get your tablet to function just like your desktop (sometimes even better).

This also helps make your workplace more portable. Your employees won’t require as much space to do their jobs. You can donate the desktop computers to charity for an additional business write off. Everybody wins!

4. Independent Contractors

Independent contractors and freelancers offer you the ability to get top notch work done for a fraction of what you’d pay for a full time employee. Plus, thanks to web based tools for teleconferencing, desktop sharing, etc—people can work together no matter where they are physically located. The primary benefit of working with an independent contractor or freelancer is that you only have to pay for the number of hours spent actually working or the work that actually gets completed. You don’t have to pay for time spent sitting in the office surfing Google News or playing Candy Crush on Facebook.

Even better, independent contractors and freelancers manage their own taxes and finances so you’ll save time and effort on your payroll duties.


These are just some of the things you can do to save money for your business (while also embracing the latest technologies). What are some of the things you’ve done to help save money and keep your business up to “techno-date”?

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