Google Now Desktop Wallpapers Collection 4

Description :

Hello guys. How are things at your end today? Have you heard about Google's personal assistant application known as "Google Now"?

Having used it for months, I can tell you how great it is. It presents me just the information I need, when I need it, and tailored to my current location. Google's latest hot product for Android and iOS is simply amazing! The more you use it, the more useful it gets, as it figures out what you need and when. 

Some days ago, we released some beautiful Google Now(ish) Desktop Walllpaper Collections that lets you enjoy the highly artistic backgrounds that you see in the Google Now app for your 1920x1080px displays. Not the original ones, but inspired from Google Now’s aesthetics and overall design. 

Different artists come up with a bunch of wallpaper ideas but just a few toke our real attention. Our friend Brebenel Silviu with his great and unique skills is one of them! Today we are sharing with you the 4th part of the series that contains four Beach versions ready to decorate and enchance your screens. If you like what you see, then hit the source link below.

Collection 4 :

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*by andreascy*