Google Now Desktop Wallpapers Collection 3

Description :

It's being some time now that we share with our lovely readers a number of carefully picked wallpapers. From motivational wallpapers of every type, to Windows 8, Minimalism, and Google Now. Wallpapers for bloggers, developers, designers, techies, and readers who are hungry for creativity and inspiration.

We mentioned Google Now wallpapers, because that's the main topic for today. 

Since it launched last year, Google Now, for many, has become a staple in the Google or Android experience. It's location within the operating system itself, beneath the Home button in all of the pure-Google-experience Nexus devices, is an indication of just how important Google feels the service is.

We also believe that it represents the best of Google so we are sharing the next pack of the wallpaper series, made by our friend Brebenel Silviu. Simply click the download link below to get access to the files. In case you missed the other releases feel free to follow this link.

Collection 3 :

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*by andreascy*