Do Windows 8.1 Screenshots Prove Return of the Famous Start Button?

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Most people thought they would never see the Windows “Start” button again. However, recent Windows 8.1 update confirmed that Microsoft placed it back where it belongs. 

Do Windows 8.1 Screenshots Prove Return of the Famous Start Button?

Users are thrilled to have the start button back, but we are still waiting for further feedback on how the start button affects the Windows 8 performance.

So What Will It Be?

According to Paul Thurrot's SuperSite For Windows, The Windows 8 start button really will be what people expect it to be. When people update, they won't be able to miss it. The color appears to have changed, but it's still the familiar Start button. 

Oh, but there's more about the color: Apparently when a user hovers over the Start button it changes colors. Thurrott, the man who had access to the Milestone Preview of 8.1, says it changes to a black background and accent color used on the flag logo. This Start button closely resembles the Start Charm. 

Other (Hopefully) Welcome Changes

Most Windows 8.1 users indicate that additional features such as the ability to boot up the computer straight to the desktop and bypass the “Metro-Style Windows 8 home screen” are also a long-awaited welcomed feature. Furthermore, little things like being able to replace the desktop wallpaper make them feel at home again.

Overall, Windows 8.1 was designed with customization in mind. Reports state that Microsoft intends to make it so anyone who uses this OS is able is to conform it to their wishes. This operating system is supposed to work for everyone. 

The “Blue” Preview

The Microsoft Build Conference took place from June 26th to June 28th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Microsoft offered current Windows 8 users a free 8.1 upgrade on the first day of this weekend conference. 

With an already cramped event, they later announced that they were able to offer even more tickets for sale. This event was in high demand for future developers who plan to shape the future of Windows and help create new programs. Microsoft scheduled several sessions run by some of the top people in the industry to offer their training. 

However, one of the main reasons people wanted to attend is for the sneak peak at Windows 8.1. Every single day that passed causes people to anxiously await the “real deal.” Just about any developer that was able to attend wanted to be here for this debut, and learning experience.

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As far as the Start button is concerned, the Build Conference was the true revelation for current and future Windows users. Attendees walked away feeling like they understood an exclusive part of the Windows OS that no one had ever caught a glimpse of before. 

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