Four Interesting Graduation Present Ideas

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Graduation can be one of the most important times in the life of a young person. Whether it is commencement from college, the end of high school or even the last day of elementary school, graduation represents a turning point in one's life that should be celebrated. However, sometimes giving a gift isn’t so simple. 


It can be difficult to find a creative gift to present to a recent graduate, however, and many givers opt for money. This list is a great utility for any type of occasion, but especially recent graduates. But if you are looking to give something truly meaningful, here are four creative gift ideas that will send your graduate off to the next phase in life with a smile on their face. 

1. Decorate a New Apartment 

This gift works well for a recent high-school or college graduate who plans on living away from home. It serves as a much-welcomed surprise to a young person without a lot of money. Instead of gifting money, offer to help purchase items for their new apartment, decorate it with them or even hire a professional decorator to truly create a beautiful atmosphere in their new abode. The graduate will be thanking you all year! 

2. Membership to a Gym 

Many recent graduates discover the stresses of real life once they graduate from high school or college. Often, gym memberships, which can actually serve to help relieve stress, are passed up due to how expensive they can be! Don't let the recent graduate in your life fall prey to a sedentary lifestyle. Purchase them a gym membership and help start their new life off on a healthy track. 

3. A Case for Business Cards 

If the recent college graduate in your life is off to start a new job, they will soon have business cards that represent their new status in the world. If this is the case, the graduate will need a place to put them. While a wallet is a convenient carrying pouch, it can easily get cluttered with a variety of cards and papers. Help solve the problem by gifting them a case for their new business cards. Your present will help send them into the working world in style. 

4. Camera 

As the young graduate you know takes the next step toward their future, they will likely begin to make a host of new memories that they will want to capture forever. Help them save all of the moments they treasure with a new camera. You can purchase them a digital camera, a disposable camera or even a Polaroid camera; any sort of camera is fine, as long as it is fits into their new life. 

Moving on After Graduation 

Graduation is a culmination of one portion of life and a chance to peek into a future to see what it holds. Receiving a thoughtful gift in a transitional phase of life is a very heartwarming thing to experience. With these four great gift ideas, you can give a creative present to the recent graduate in your life and help them begin their future in happiness and style.

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