Four Creative And Truly Inspiring Photographs

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Cameras are everywhere these days. This access to photography, coupled with the rise of social media, means that not only can everyone shoot photos, but they can also share them with a lot of people. 

Brebenel Silviu Photography

There are so many beautiful/captivating/amazing things going on in this world and our friend Brebenel Silviu is just opening that magnificent window. 

One picture, many words...

Innovation doesn't just come out of nowhere... you need a creative spark before you can fan the flames! So we scoured Facebook looking for some of the coolest photos.

Without further ado, here we are sharing some of his creative as well as expressive, stunning and mind-blowing images-pictures for you to get inspired. Hope you enjoy.

Early Autumn

Image: Early Autumn

Sensual Rose

Image: Sensual Rose

Purple Desire

Summer Gold

Image: Summer Gold

Head over to his fan page to show your support and help him to spread the word on Facebook. Want more of Silviu in your life? Then check out his cute Google Now Desktop Wallpaper Collections.

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*by andreascy*