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When making business presentations it can be hard to find appropriate ready-made PowerPoint templates. This is because one may require creating complex business diagrams and charts, which may require hours of customization of ready-made templates, with clipart, images, statistics and animations


Many a times such templates offer nothing more than a business oriented background, which is of little help. is a website which offers Business PowerPoint Templates and 3D diagrams, which can be used for making the most complex business presentations within a short period of time.

Create Business Presentations By Adding Text And Stats To Readymade Templates

You can not only find PowerPoint templates with suitable backgrounds for business presentations but also download PowerPoint diagrams for creating business forecasts, cash flow plans, project timelines, quarterly financial projections and the like. 

Ring Diagram Stack

These diagrams and ready-made templates have been designed in such a way that all the user has to do is to add basic information (e.g. text and stats), to create professional looking presentations.

Fully Customizable Free PowerPoint Templates

The templates are generic enough to be used for a diverse range of business related and even academic topics. The below image shows the 4Ps Marketing Mix Diagram Template for PowerPoint. 

4Ps Marketing Mix

There are various other templates on specific business related topics, as well as generic diagrams that can be downloaded for free.

PowerPoint Templates For A Diverse Range Of Topics

While Business PowerPoint Templates can be deemed the specialty of SlideHunter, you can also download free templates on a diverse range of topics, ranging from sports, holidays, education, nature, etc. The below images show a few of the free templates that are available.

Free Bowling Shapes Template

Bowling Shapes Template

Free Widescreen Golden Balls PowerPoint Template for Christmas

Widescreen Golden Balls PowerPoint Template for Christmas

Free Domino Effect PowerPoint Template


Animated PowerPoint Templates And Animations

SlideHunter also provides links to resources for downloading animated PowerPoint templates, including partner websites. 


The available animated templates are also fully customizable and can be edited right down to the objects and clipart within the sample slides.

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