5 BlackBerry Tools for Your Business

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It's common knowledge that small businesses have difficulty surviving their first few years in business. According to the Small Business Administration, 3 out of 10 small businesses fail to survive for more than two years, and 5 out of 10 go out of business within five years. Lacking the resources of larger counterparts, it is imperative they do everything possible to improve their odds of success. 

Brad started a small design firm three years ago. Business seemed to dictate he be in 10 places at once. He recently began using mobile applications on his BlackBerry. The ability to create documents and meet with his clients and employees while being away from the office proved crucial to the survival of his business

5 BlackBerry Tools for Your Business

The new BlackBerry 10 OS has the multitasking function called Peek and Flow. This allows users to use multiple apps for an "always open, always on" experience, according to Crackberry.com. Small business users can prioritize and organize operations from any location. Mobility along with the resulting increase in efficiency, organization and productivity can ensure success for small businesses.

Advances in cell phone technology makes the day-to-day operations of small business easier. These mobile applications are designed to assist in file storage, communication, monetary transactions or finance, productivity and more.

File Storage - PlayCloud 10

Organization is critical to the success of any business. PlayCloud is a file manager with integrated cloud service. Users can access files and directories from their BlackBerry device. They can then open, play and sync those files. PlayCloud allows users to sync files with a remote cloud such as FTP, OneDrive or Dropbox. They can also use the BlackBerry 10 OS’ SD-card. Thumbnails are created, which users can use to view and sort files depending on the task.

Communication - Cisco WebEx Meetings

Users are no longer confined to conference rooms and offices when attending meetings. They can tap into a mobile web conference from any location, while enjoying the full meeting experience, complete with simultaneous data and audio via Cisco WebEx Meetings. As a host, users can view the meeting list, schedule, start, and delete a meeting, and invite others to a meeting. Invitees can join the meeting via an email invitation, view active speakers, view the attendee list, view shared content and more.

Monetary Transactions/Finance - Square & Expensify

For conducting business outside the office, businesses have had to invest in credit card processing stations that employees could carry to complete monetary transactions. Now, employees who have a BlackBerry can easily accept credit card payments via Square. With Square, there is no sign-up or monthly fee. Instead, Square takes 2.75 percent of each transaction. The cost of conventional credit card processing stations has prevented many small businesses from being able to provide this service to their customers. By removing this barrier, Square has become a key application for small businesses.

When thinking about expense reports, an image of a stressed worker digging through piles of paper, trash cans and files in search of an elusive receipt comes to mind. Expensify is an application that will prevent users from experiencing this nightmare. Users can log expenses and scan paper receipts on the go. This is a free application for BlackBerry, and it makes a tedious task much easier.

Document editing - Documents To Go

Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is essential in today’s workplace. Documents To Go is an application that allows BlackBerry 10 OS users to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments. It also makes it possible to view PDF files. The application includes a bi-directional file synchronization desktop application. This provides users with a way to transfer and manage documents.

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