How to improve the control over your employees

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Always knowing what your employees are doing or how they spend their time during working hours is one of the key things in making a great company and improving productivity of the people that work for you. This is way more and more employers are trying to find ways to monitor their employees and the best way to do that is to use mobile phones monitoring software like mSpy that enables you to always know what your employees are up to. 


Even though it’s not legal to monitor someone’s private phone, if your employees are using company phones that you provided and paid for you have all the legal rights to monitor the way they utilize this company asset. 

The basic motive to do this is not to spy on your employees’ personal life but to monitor the way they act while they are working so it’s done only for the company’s best interest and not your own. You are using company property in order to do this and no one can accuse you of invading their privacy. Some employers even tell their employees that they are monitoring their company phone so employees are more focused on their job and on the way they act during working hours.

There are a few Acts that explain the ways and the rules which say that unauthorized interception of electronic communication devices like computer, email or phone are prohibited, but these Acts exceptions that employers can apply. These exceptions are:

  A business owner has the right to monitor employee’s use of the company property, which includes company mobile phones, in order to improve company service, prevent illegal activities or harassment or to make sure that the employees are actually working when they are supposed to.

  Business owner can monitor company mobile phones used by his employees if he informed his employees about this. Employees that continue to work in companies despite the fact that their phone are being monitored are giving their consent for these actions.

  Employer has the right to spy on mobile phones that are in his possession and are only given to the employees for work purposes.

Once you decided to use the monitoring software the first step is to define the thing you want to monitor and then find the best app for this. A good monitoring app will let you see all call logs including the numbers associated with the call, time of call and duration. Some will let you to listen to these calls. You can also read all text messages, monitor internet activities, see all photos and videos stored on the phone and even locate the phone via GPS. After installing the app you will get a web account in which the data will be stored with unique log in details so only you can access it.

Using a monitoring app can help every employer to prevent the use of company phones for personal purposes, prevent leakage of sensitive company information, stop harassment and stop all unproductive activities that will affect the company.

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