Fitness Apps For Life

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You are set for your morning jog. Your sportswear’s on, running shoes laced up, sunscreen applied, baby jogger occupied, and the beagle’s in tow. As you rush out the door and down the drive, you realize you left behind the most important tool for a successful workout - your smartphone. 

Fitness Apps For Life

It has everything you need to map your route, log your exercise time, track your distance, measure your heartbeat and your pulse, and then provide you with a refreshing smoothie recipe after you return home. You log your consumption, count your calories and fat, and post an update for your fitness pals, and then you use your Internet service to get online and check your overall fitness progress.

Fitness On The Brain 

Health and fitness are on the minds of almost everyone as we struggle to diet, exercise, and eat right while balancing work, play, and the kiddos. Medline Plus reminds us that physical exercise on a regular basis can help to control our weight, improve our mental state, lower our risks for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and strengthen our muscles and bones. The more activity we engage in, the more likely we can continue to exercise and live longer. 

Reader’s Digest concludes that people should try to exercise for about 30 minutes five to seven days a week. The magazine recommends walking briskly or gardening, at a minimum. For weight loss, a more aggressive schedule of 90 minutes of intense activity, such as aerobics or jogging, is preferred. In preparation for an exercise solution that fits with your business schedule, it may be time to tap into your mobile device. Now, more than ever before, fitness apps are not only readily available but also free! 

Apps for Fitness Monitoring 

MyFitnessPal — Track food intake, calories, fat and nutrition, makes notes, and share updates with your fitness pals. 

Nike Training Club — Select a fitness level and goal for more than 100 workouts that last 15, 30, or 45 minutes, with audio from Nike athletes and trainers. 

Endomondo — A GPS-type system for tracking how far you bike, run, walk, or travel while engaging in physical activity. It also connects with social media. 

Apps for Diet 

Epicurious — More than 30,000 professional recipes, with an option to set favorites and create a shopping list. 

Zipongo — For healthier eating, locate discounts on healthy food items, plan meals, and enjoy rewards. 

TrackNSlim — Tracks and reports your food intake and habits, including calories, carbs, fats, protein, sodium, and cholesterol. 

Apps for Abs and Cardio 

Runtastic — A robust personal sports and fitness app for biking, hiking, running, skating, or skiing. Track activities, use built-in GPS, run reports, create graphs, listen to music, configure dashboard, get voice feedback, monitor heartrate, and more. 

Adidas miCoach — Provides audible coaching and GPS for customized training and workouts. Save and view workout data, measure distance, pace, calories, and time. Access music, track shoe usage and wear, and set alerts. 

Gym Technik — Guidance and tracking for workouts including body statistics, workout schedule planning, workout routines, progress charting, and summaries.

If you are looking for a great way to get started with a winning fitness routine, count calories, or manage your health data, this section is the best place to start. 

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