Common Printer Paper Buying Mistakes To Avoid

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These days, you can find printers that come in different sizes. In addition to that, different types of printers come with different features in order to accommodate the varying needs that the user may have at home. Because of this, you must know what type of printing paper would work well with your printer. Your choice of printing paper will be as important as choosing the right ink and software.

Common Printer Paper Buying Mistakes To Avoid

For the usual documents, a generic printing paper will do. However, printing some important documents will require the use of the right type of printing paper. Here are some of the mistakes that people do when buying the printing paper:

Ignoring the Printer's manual

Printer manufacturers go through all the trouble on writing and printing the printer manual for a good reason. However, lots of people tend to ignore it when they use their printer. They would prefer using the trial and error method than actually making use of the tried and tested method as stated in the manual. When you take a look at the printer manual, you will get to see that they have specified the type and size of paper that will be perfect for your printer. 

Wrong Printer Paper weight

Once again, you will be able to see the specified weight of printer paper in the manual if you read it. 

Wrong printer paper Color

The whiter the paper you will use, the better color will appear on it after printing. This is one thing that not all printer paper users tend to overlook. Printer paper comes in different colors. However, the whiter, the better. This is true when it comes to printing documents that is related to your business or office.

Wrong Paper Finish

The finish of the paper will play an important role in the outcome of your documents. If for example, you are printing a picture, the wrong choice of paper finish will lead to unsatisfactory appearance of the pictures.

Too Much Money For The Paper

Another one thing to keep in mind when choosing a paper to print on is the budget. If you wish to find the perfect paper, then you must be able to know where is the right place to buy it. The place where you will be buying the paper can greatly affect the price you pay for it. There are lots of places where you can buy printer paper -- office supply stores, retails stores, online suppliers and many more. Make sure to do price comparison before you buy one.


The right choice of printing paper will allow you to save time on money. A lot of problems can be solved or printed just by reading your printer manual. Take time to do so. Avoid all these mistakes and you will surely enjoy a hassle-free document printing experience.

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