How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

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It seems that technology today is faster than we are. Before we even get a chance to try out all the new useful gadgets and software that could improve our business and private lives, there’s a whole set of new inventions that flood the technology scene. We’ve witnessed the Google Glass craze last year, then the 3D printing revolution, not to mention the head-spinning progress that those working in the robotics department are making. An average working person can hardly keep track of it all. 

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

Despite all the wonders of today’s technology, there are some old-school tech tools and software that are difficult to replace, because they are the pillar of the modern office. If you want to be successful at work today, you don’t really need to know how to operate a complex new gadget or to understand artificial intelligence, though all of these skills and knowledges can’t hurt, if you’ve got the time to acquire them. However, to be successful, you do need to know how to manage electronic files, particularly those that are most commonly used among business professionals, such as PDF, MS Word, etc.

Millions of people share PDFs with others on a daily basis. That’s because the PDF is still unbeatable when it comes to the universal features a format needs to have in order to be viewable on any computing device and platform without losing its formatting. The trouble with PDFs is that the information locked within is not easily editable without proper software for that purpose. 

So, when you receive an email from your boss with the subject line: “Urgent: Document Needs Editing ASAP”, and in the attachment you find a PDF with at least ten pages that need to be revised in a short period of time, what do you do? If you have a powerful, paid PDF conversion program on your computer, no problem. But there are many companies that chose not to invest in these useful productivity tools, so it’s up to the employees to be resourceful. Manually retyping all those pages in order to revise the text is definitely not resourceful, and will not get your task finished on time. 

If you’re in a similar pickle to the one described above, here’s a simple free tool that will help you out. It’s called Free Online PDF to Word Converter and it can be used for free on any computer with an Internet connection. 

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

Here’s how:

1) Click on the “Select file” button, find your PDF document for conversion and double-click on it.

2) Type your email address in the blank space (this is mandatory if you want to receive the converted file).

3) Click on the “Start” button and then check your email.

The link to your converted Word document will be waiting in your inbox. Now just open it, make all the necessary edits and impress your boss with the efficiently completed assignment.

This free PDF conversion tool is obviously not as amazing as some other pieces of software, but it will probably be of more use to you in a typical office setting, than a 3D-printer or a dish-washing robot.

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