Blackberry Theme : Brisk Plus (OS7 UI Theme)

Description : 

Brisk Plus is a modern and contemporary theme designed to give your current Blackberry, both OS5 & OS6 the look of the OS7! 

This is the perfect theme to “WOW!” your friends. The theme adds a completely new layout and system to your Blackberry without needing to upgrade to OS7. 

This theme has been confirmed working on the following devices, both OS5 and OS6 :

- 8520 / 8530 / 9300 OS5 

- 8900 OS5 

- 9000 OS5 

- 95xx OS5 

- 96xx OS5 

- 97xx OS5 

- 9300 OS6 

- 97xx OS6 

- 9800 OS6 

To download it, visit the Source below from your Blackberry Browser. Enjoy the video demonstration and let us know what you think. 

Source : Berryness

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