Samsung,Sony,LG,Toshiba on flexible paper thin AMOLED and transparent displays

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We are witnessing the greatest shakeup in the world of computing that has ever taken place.
Today's Mobile phones, PCs and TVs can already send e-mail, browse the Web, and keep you in touch with friends and colleagues via voice or text message. 

Tomorrow's handsets will add even more to the menu, morphing (as needed) into always-connected portable game consoles, full-featured TVs, and credit cards. Here's a quick look at what's coming :

Samsung Flexible AMO-LED Display at CES 2011 : 

Samsung showed off their flexible AMO-LED displays at CES 2011 Las Vegas. The displays are rollable, bendable and can even survive impacts from a hammer. Impressive stuff!

Samsung Transparent AM-OLED Display at CES 2011 :

We take a look at the transparent AMO-LED display technology from Samsung at CES 2011. By sacrifing some AMO-LED pixels as blank spots, Samsung has created AMO-LED displays that you can see right through.

Samsung Flexible AMO-LED and transparent OLED Screens :

Samsung's booth over at FPD 2010 in Japan was definitely the highlight. This is a showcase of various Samsung flexible AMO-LED and transparent OLED Displays :

- Clamshell 5 inch Dual Screen MID 

- 7 inch AMO-LED Display (Galaxy Tab) 

- Flexible and Foldable Displays 

- Transparent Display

A Demonstration of Samsung's Flexible AMO-LED Display :

Showing you that this display is indestructible!!! All other displays break with this test except Samsung Flexible AMO-LED Display. 

Sony's Flexible full-color OLED :

Sony has unveiled what is billed as the world's first flexible, full color OLED (Organic Light Emmiting Diode) 

LG 31 in OLED :

Thanks to OLED's being so thin, LG has been able to make this TV just 2,9 mm thick, and its staggering to behold, Read the full story following the source link below this video! 

Toshiba flexes its paper-thin LCD muscle :

Toshiba found an interesting use of flexible LCD technology : user input. At SID 2010, the Japanese display manufacturer showed off an 8,4inch wide, 0,1mm thick SVGA panel that could be grabbed and physically bent to zoom in or out using Google Earth.

While it's a far cry from SDOF and perhaps not as entertaining as controlling the time-space continuum with forefinger and thumb, the bend sensor seems like an obvious addition to the gamut of crisp, rollable, data storing, energy generating flexible tech already in development. It's also worth noting that Toshiba isn't the only one working on the idea. IBM filed apatent application for "flexible displays as an input device" back in 2006. 

Sphere Multitouch Interactions on a Spherical Display :

Sphere is a multi-user, multi-touch-sensitive spherical display in which an infrared camera used for touch sensing shares the same optical path with the projector used for the display. Sphere has been developed by Hrvoje Benko, Andy Wilson and Ravin Balakrishnan at Microsoft Research

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