GroundBot, A Spherical All - Terrain Surveillance Robot

Description : 

Today we have a nice and interesting topic for all the robotics fans out there. We present to you GroundBot by Swedish robotics firm Rotundus, an all - terrain, amphibious surveillance robot in the shape of a bug-eyed sphere. 

Roughly the size of a car tire, the robot moves silently at up to six mph. GroundBot houses two cameras which provide a stereoscopic view to its remote operator. Rotundus notes that the current version “cannot house robot arms or weapons.” Maybe in the next release.

The spherical design is simplicity itself. With its large circumference, GroundBot takes all kinds of terrain in its stride. And yet its appearance is friendly and unthreatening.

Inside, all cameras and sensors are sealed off from the outside world. This means that they are protected from bangs and knocks. In addition, the outside world is protected from potential electrical sparks when GroundBot is investigating gas leaks. 

Check on the 1st video Rotundus GroundBot that works on an airport security mission and on the 2nd video Rotundus GroundBot demonstrates its amphibian capabilities.

Learn more at rotundus

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*by andreascy*