Banana Phone And Pizza Box Laptop PC - Invoked Computing

Description :

How would you feel, if you could turn a pizza box to a computer and a banana phone? To do this, you will not need to star in a fantasy film, but just been at Ishikawa-Oku laboratories, on University of Tokyo.

These "unthinkable" things, became ​​possible with the help of "augmented reality". The central idea of ​​the project «invoked computing» is to be able to run monitors, keyboards and other "elements" of different gadgets into everyday objects that are no longer necessary specialized hardware for various technological activities.

These objects can be anything (eg. a box of pizza or a banana), enabling the user to interact even to them, touching, for example, the sound bar that appears on the box of pizza and moving the finger up and down to adjust the volume. 

To convert an object into gadget-like on a cell phone or a laptop computer, the user will simply need to "emulate" a specific "script" movement. For example, you can get a pizza box and open it to look like a real laptop or a banana from the fruit bowl and the closer in his ear, to mimic the move to make when answering the telephone.Special cameras are in place to identify banana, and speakers direct the sound to it.Thus, the user speaks the banana as if it were a normal phone!

The concept is really impressive and makes you imagine a future where technology is everywhere, even in everyday objects in your house. Enjoy the video!

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*by andreascy*