Dream Chip Technologies (Xbounds) Brings Wireless Mirroring Connection Between TV and Android

Description :

One feature in Apple's iOS 5 that has yet to be brought to Android is the ability to wirelessly mirror the content being displayed on your iPhone or iPad on your Apple TV-connected display.  

A video posted on the Droidcon site shows similar functionality being brought to Android devices by way of Dream Chip Technologies' prototype Xbounds (pronounced "cross bounds") device, a small Wi-Fi dongle that connects to your display via HDMI.

While Android devices have supported media streaming via DLNA for some time, the Xbounds brings true wireless display mirroring to the platform. The video below shows Bernd Steinke, a System Architect with Dream Chip, mirroring the display of an Android phone as he works on a Word document, plays Angry Birds, watches Pirates of the Carribean and messes around with the command line. The device appears to support independent resolutions using some very clean-looking vector-scaling technology as well as low-power data transfer over both WLAN and Bluetooth. 

According to a tweet by Al Sutton, a UK-based Android developer, the Xbounds dev kit (including a Nexus S) will retail for €998 (about $1,344), while the consumer kit will come to market at €99 (about $134).

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