Microsoft Office for Ipad

Description :

Microsoft have said that they will be launching a version of their best selling productivity suite Office on the iPad. Microsoft will probably break out the apps from the suite and sell them separately and will probably make quite a lot of money. This is however a major double edged sword for Microsoft if they take this approach.

On one hand, the Ipad is the tablet juggernaut to beat and if Microsoft can get those users on Office, it is a substantial amount of revenue for the company. On the other hand, once iPad users are on Office, you have just removed a MAJOR incentive for anyone to buy a Windows 8 Tablet. 

You have also removed the one selling point that you could have made to CIO’s for selling Windows 8 Tablets into the enterprise - integration with Office. 

Now, I’m sure Microsoft will scale down the versions of Office that will go out on the iPad and I’m sure the case can be made that Windows 8 Tablets can be more thoroughly integrated with the enterprise but still… it’s a tough decision. So, I’m going to pass the decision to you. 

What do you think? Should Microsoft release a version of Microsoft Office on the iPad?

*by andreascy*