World's Smallest V12 Engine - Built From Scratch - Power To The Handy People!

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German engineering outshines every other automobile making nation simply because they are so good at it. But an enthusiastic German automotive part maker, Ralf Drendel, obsessed with V12 engines has upped the ante on the miniature scale, so to speak.

World's Smallest V12 Engine

 Made perfectly to emulate the real thing (V12 engine) the miniature V12 is designed to function perfectly with any high-end RC (Remote Controlled) vehicle; be it a RC plane, boat or car.

World's Smallest V12 Engine

Having 12 cylinders housed inside a four stroke engine runs on a mixture of high performance synthetic lubricant (10%), Methanol and Nitro methane (5-10%) and produces power of 6 to 8 horsepower with a displacement of 87-cubic centimeters.

World's Smallest V12 Engine

This functional model has twin camshaft and overhead valves and doesn’t require any radiator, to add to that the crankshaft has been made from multiple pieces.

World's Smallest V12 Engine

Frame of the engine has been made from stainless steel, bronze and aluminum and the finished engine runs on compressed air to cool down and ward off any heat produced.

According to Ralf, the maker of this engine, kits will be available anytime soon so that you can attach this German beast to your choice of miniature vehicle with minimum hassle. So hose, just sit back, hit the play button on the video given below and enjoy the thumping sound of the mini V12 in action.

For those who are interested in watching the whole making of miniature V12 engine watch the video given below, you’ll surely be awe-inspired by it if you are an automotive junkie. :)

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