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Hello guys! We want to have a good laugh this Friday. Tell us a joke and if we laugh out loud, you get a shirt! 

So... have you ever wanted to work on Twitter? YES, you heard me right! Twitter as a growing company in the center of a quickly evolving landscape, hires people. I'm sure most of you saw this over the weekend, but just in case you didn't.... Hilarious! 

Available Jobs on Twitter - Join The Flock

You can learn more about these career opportunities by visiting this link

Twitter apparently asked it's employees to come up with some recruiting videos. This one doesn't beat the Google recruiting video with Sergey walking around in high-heel bouncytime sneakers, but it's close. An amazing Marketing and a genius way to approach future workers.

I love companies that don't take themselves too seriously. This is definitely the worst/best recruitment video ever! At least it shows they have a crooked sense of humour. They give it a nice twist, fun to watch. :)

To hire great engineers and show off your company culture (if applicable), every tech company should make videos like this one. Let us know what you think.

*by andreascy*