Google Maps App for Android Updated to 6.5

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Google has announced an update for its Google Maps app for Android devices, with the Mountain View, Calif., company promising new, robust options. Now at version 6.5, the mobile app has all of the public transportation option found on the desktop version of Google Maps, TG Daily reported Thursday. 

Users will have more options when searching, allowing them to search for routes that involve fewer public transportation options, or one that has the least amount of walking no matter how many transfers are required, and one that its algorithms determine as the recommended route, Google said. 

"Whether you just need to get somewhere as fast as possible, or you want to avoid the risk of a missed connection or you prefer not to tire your legs, you can get the transit directions that best suit you". The user interface has been enhanced for the most current version of Android, but even those running versions below 4.0 will see improvements. Handsets capable of displaying high-resolution graphics will see graphics crisper with quicker load times, the company said.

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