Intel's Digital tool : What about me? Build your personal infographics

Description :

"What About Me?" is a new permission-based digital tool that captures a snapshot of your social media life and turns it into a customized, personal infographic. 

Last year, Intel created a Facebook app which dipped in consumers’ data on the Social Network to create online profile exhibitions, the Museum Of Me.


This year it’s still about getting singularly personal for the tech brand, which has launched What About Me? An app which turns Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds into a Me infographic comprising images, ‘likes’, social media habits, posts and sharing behaviour.


“Social media users know that discovery is half the fun,” says Intel. With What about Me? you can capture a snapshot of your social media life and create your own colorful image, full of clues and facts about one of the most fascinating subjects in the world – you.”


Checkout this video to see how the tool captures your social life. 

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