Intel and McAfee Working Together to Protect Smart Grids

Description :
The modern power grids of today - and tomorrow - want to enjoy the best of both worlds. They want to be able to be seamlessly manager through an intelligent network, but they also want to be safe from unauthorized access. 

However, for as long as there have been locks, there have been people working to pick said locks. Modern cyber-security systems are no different. As secure as they are made, there will always be nefarious people working to compromise that security. 

So, a truly effective system needs to not only be resistant to attacks, but also be able to be recovered - or at the very least, disabled - if they are compromised. In this video, an Intel solution architect and systems engineer demonstrate how a whole orchestra systems and technologies - from Intel and McAfee - can work on concert to keep the system as safe as possible, but also allow a fail-over capability if anything does end up being impacted adversely. 

*by andreascy*