TED : Liquid Battery - The Battery of the Future

Description :

A liquid battery that runs on dirt could be the answer to sustainable energy. Dr. Donald Sadoway of MIT has developed an innovative new battery technology, which could change the future of renewable energy. 

Professor Donald Sadoway is building liquid metal batteries to try to separate power supply from power demand. The goal is to help the electrical power grid do a better job of storing energy, including renewable energy. 

Sadoway dreamed up the idea of combining magnesium and antimony, a process he diagrammed at TED with chalk on a blackboard. Among other benefits, like cheap materials and long lifespans, liquid metal batteries are built to run hot, so they can handle temperature increases.

Sadoway’s research team - which is now also a company funded by Bill Gates - has created a pizza-shaped 16-inch cell battery with a capacity of 1 kilowatt hour, and it expects to manufacture a version four times as big in two years, Sadoway said.

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