Google launched BigQuery Big Data Analytics Tool for all Businesses and Developers

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Google sits on masses of traffic and advertising data, and has decided that it should take advantage of its expertise in building the infrastructure to handle those petabytes of information to offer a data analytics service in its cloud.

Google officially launched BigQuery this week. The tool allows Businesses and Developers to gain real-time business insight from large amounts of data. This public launch comes five months after Google offered the tool to a limited number of developers for Beta testing.

BigQuery is accessible via a UI or REST interface, and allows users to store as much data as needed. Users pay only for what they need, and Developers and Businesses can query up to 100 GB of data per month at no charge.
The tool has only two pricing components: query processing at $0.035 per GB processed (up to 1000 queries per day), and storage at $0.12/GB per month up to 2TB.
Web hosts will benefit from big data from the amount of storage it requires for companies and developers to analyze the terabytes of user data.

For example, Ju-Kay Kwek, product manager, BigQuery, says social and mobile analytics company Claritics built a web application for game developers to gain insight into user behavior. According to a case study, Claritics was able to reduce time to run complex queries on large data sets from 30 minutes to 20 seconds, and shorten the amount of time spent to maintain their data analysis infrastructure by up to 40%.

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