Samsung Galaxy S III

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Samsung finally unveiled its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S III ( the follow-up to last year's best-selling phone in the world ), after months of speculation, expectation, and anticipation.

The smartphone market moves on once more, with the hi-tech voice-controlled Galaxy S III likely to becomes a standard-bearer for Google’s Android operating system - and a device for the Apple refuseniks. 

The phone’s most innovative feature is built-in face-tracking and voice control - allowing, Samsung claims, for a more 'natural' control system.

Other innovations include what Samsung claims is a 'more intelligent' lock system, that keeps the screen 'awake' when the phone’s camera senses eyes watching it, rather than turning it off. 

The voice control system is called S Voice - and allows access to weather forecasts, web searches and scheduling, similar to iPhone’s Siri system.

Saying 'I want to take a picture' launches the camera application - and will work in eight languages at launch.

S Voice can also reply out loud - which Samsung claims will allow the system to be used while driving.

Available in blue and white, the phone will be launched at the end of May, starting in Europe, with other regions following.

Samsung played on its expertise in screens with a large 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen running a resolution of 1280 x 720p - far bigger than Apple’s iPhone, and close in size to the smaller end of the tablet market.

Applications developed with an earlier platform version can cause issues with newer versions of the same platform. To minimize disruption Samsung provided some app porting tip on Android 3.0 (or earlier) to Android 4.0 to their website. For more information you can visit :

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