Corning's SMF-28e+® LL : Lower Loss Optical Fiber Tutorial for your Access Network

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Expand your network reach and prepare for tomorrow’s connections with Corning SMF-28e+® LL Optical Fiber. This enhanced single-mode fiber from Corning is an ITU-T G.652.D compliant optical fiber that builds on Corning’s Low-Loss Fiber technology to enable Extended Networking distances for long-haul, metro, and access applications. SMF-28e+ LL fiber offers industry-leading specifications for attenuation and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) values, which provide a solid foundation for new network deployments as well as upgrades to existing networks.

Thanks to dramatically reduced attenuation, SMF-28e+ LL enables extended network coverage that could boost your coverage area up to 20%, connecting you to suburbs and rural areas with countless underserved subscribers. Less signal loss also means more flexibility for your network installation. With SMF-28e+ LL, your system can easily adapt to today’s changing needs and the advanced applications of the future. With 10Gb/s Ethernet speeds and 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s just around the corner, now is the time to start building a network that can handle the high-performance connections your subscribers will soon demand. Corning’s SMF-28e+ LL is an advanced fiber solution that enables you to do just that.

Explore this tutorial to see how Corning's SMF-28e+® LL fiber makes your broadband go further in subscriber coverage, future flexibility, and central office consolidation.

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